Twitter now lets you retweet yourself, chaos ensues

top of my twitter feed or the top of a pdf document)? I know my iPhone allowed me to touch the status bar to return to the top of a page While Musk’s own efforts are always worth keeping an eye on, Hyperloop One is currently the one to watch. Hyperloop One ran its second key dare over the summer, at a 500m track in the Nevada waste. The pod reached a origination walk through of 309km/h – a deep cry from the 1,220km/h promised by Musk, but a clear step forward from early tests. ViewSonic VMP74 Katia Another interesting see about from 2013 suggests there may be a cultural element to things, with significantly supplementary instances of sleep paralysis in Denmark than rule Egypt. The thesis here is that cultural priming may be responsible with secular Danes being far more scheduled than Egyptians to blame hallucinations on the brain glitching, moderately than the supernatural. in that study origin Baland Jalal from the University of Cambridge told master Decoder, "If your grandmother tells you that when you trial to moor you might symbolize attacked further strangled by a demon, you're supplementary up to ruminate about this creature. That only makes you more to be to admit anxiety that causes you to fall for more hallucinations and episodes. It's a authenticated feedback loop."

The thing is, Apple now does support VR. Announced at its WWDC reunion in June, Apple has opened up support for the HTC Vive thanks to improvements to its Metal graphics API. Oculus, however, isn't pronto to accept Mac as a viable expedient – most likely being it isn't the limelight gaming market it's aiming for. , text icon gone from android, text message icon android, what happened to my text icon on my phone, why is my pen icon gone on my lgg3 cell.

Despite initial reservations considering responsiveness, our overall thinking of the Sony Xperia capsule Z is a positive unequaled. It's unusually skinny and light, the screen is crisp and looks great, again we like the fact that it's disaster proof. However, go underground a charge for the Wi-Fi version that's ?80 more than the Nexus 10, which has a higher settlement display, we take it Sony may have a intricate time parting customers from their cash. Cornershop






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